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The Curved

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Adventure Magazine

Adventure magazine was for many decades the best selling pulp magazine in America, and Harold Lamb was one of its most popular writers. In the days before television, escape entertainment was to be found within the pages of magazines, and Adventure was acknowledged as a leader in the field, with a reputation for great writing and historical accuracy. Today it is seldom discussed, for it did not give birth to colorful characters like The Shadow or Doc Savage. It was a forum, though, for a great deal of fiction that was at least as enjoyable as that with characters who have stayed in the public consciousness.

Lamb contributed steadily to Adventure for nearly twenty years and in that time delighted the magazine's readers with tales set in centuries past, in hundreds of exotic places. Unfortunately, very little of this fiction has ever been reprinted (very little fiction in Adventure has ever been reprinted--an amazing oversight) and tracking these stories down is a challenge in itself. Only a handful of libraries have preserved copies of Adventure, and none have a complete collection of the magazine. Curious readers either have to locate them through used magazine merchants or read them on microfilm through interlibrary loan.

This page links to four others: Lamb's Adventure fiction indexed by Issue, by Title, and by category of series or standalone. Much of his fiction was cycles of stories around a hero or set of heroes (Khlit the Cossack being the most well known). His occassional non-fiction Adventure articles are listed with the standalone stories.

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