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 August, 2009

With these next four collections from Bison, almost all of Harold Lamb's historical fiction will be available. No longer must readers seek these tales out in rare pulp collections. As if this wasn't enough, Donald M. Grant co. is gearing up to print the third book of Harold Lamb's Durandal trilogy, Rusudan.

What's next? Well, I'm planning a bit of a rest, actually, although historical fiction writer Scott Oden and I will likely approach Bison soon about reprinting some of Lamb's best history books. And I may yet look into trying to get Lamb's two historical novels, Omar Khayyam and Nur Mahal, between book covers again.

For the near future, though, keep your eyes sharp for Swords from the Sea and Swords from the East, in spring of 2010. Rusudan should follow shortly.

Best wishes,

Howard Andrew Jones




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