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Later Magazine Work

While some of this work was written by Lamb while he was still contributing to Adventure, the majority of it falls after that period of his life.

From the 1930s onward Lamb concentrated heavily on screenplays and his history books, but still published steadily in magazines, including Collier's, The Saturday Evening Post, National Geographic, and a handful of others.

All of the historical material from this period is being collected in the Bison anthologies.

Lamb's Collier's Writing

Lamb's work for Collier's is similar to his fiction for Adventure in that there are the exotic settings, the treachery, and even the action. The length, though, is shorter, perforce making the stories less involved. The biggest difference is that all of Lamb's Collier's tales involve romance. They are short pieces wherein valiant hero and maid come together despite their differences, as in "Wolf Meat" or escape a sultan's clutches, as in "Azadi's Jest." Taken one at a time I found the stories enjoyable, but they began to feel repetitious, something Lamb's Adventure fiction doesn't suffer.

Lamb strives to present different circumstances and situations for his hero and heroine to find each other, and even succeeds, but there is a sameness despite the differences.

Lamb's Work for The Saturday Evening Post

Between 1944 and 1957 Lamb published almost 30 pieces within The Saturday Evening Post. A number of these were articles. Others were short stories set in the contemporary east. A few were historical fiction, though unfortunately you have to wade through an awkward framing story to get to them. Despite this, one of them, Secret of Victory, is an exciting tale of Attila the Hun's incursion into Europe, two rival leaders who opposed him, and the Roman consul that had to keep them from killing each other instead of Attila.


The Saturday Evening Post






Rec Cock Crows

June 9


Can the Arabs Unite?

July 1




How Lebanon won its flag and Freedom

Aug. 5


Aug. 24







Middle East Explodes

Aug. 18

Night Bird Flies

July 25




Home From Bethlehem

Dec. 19


Lowdown on Jonah

May 25




Oracle by Hafiz

May 25

Wolf Meat

June 25


Snowbound Interlude

July 6

Rogue's Girl

Oct. 29


Major Meets an Enchantress

Sept. 21

Eighth Wife

Dec. 31


Witch Woman

Oct. 5






Where Love Comes First

April 15


Devil's Visit

Nov. 29

Way of the Girl

Aug. 12




Azadi's Jest

Nov. 11


Biographical Sketch

March 6




Lost City

April 17

Vampire of Khor

Jan. 6


Mysterious Knife

Oct. 16

Bear's Head

March 17





April 14


Live Target

March 26

At Alexander's Palace

April 21




Behind the Veil

June 2


Onslaught of Terror

Jan. 28

Golden Empress

Oct. 6


Gallant Gesture

March 18


Dec. 22


Lady and the Pirate

April 29






Hour of the Ghosts

Oct. 10


Admiral Declares War

Feb. 24




Biographical Sketch

March 17

Devil's Song

April 10


Thief Trap

July 21

Wizard's Eye

May 1




Money Changer

June 5


Amateur Spy

Jan. 12

Sleeping Lion

Nov. 27


Queen of the Mountains

Dec. 13






Devil's Current

July 30


Among the Missing

Feb. 7

Near Baghdad

August 13


Secret of Victory

March 14




Mystery of the Middle East

March 21

Tiger, Tiger

April 22




Singing Girl

June 24


Iron Curtain Incident

July 6




Panic on Flight Nine

March 14

Knights with Wings

May 10




Empress' Yankee

Aug. 2


National Geographic


Bells of the Mountain

Sept. 13





Dec. 13


Road of the Crusaders

Dec. '33




Mountain Tribes of Iran and Iraq

March '46

Cossack Wolf

Feb. 28


Crusader Lands Revisited

Dec. '54

Stone Woman

Sept. 26




Elf Woman

Nov. 21


Blue Book







City Under the Sea

Jan. 2


The Three Witnesses

Jan. '45

Black Road

Jan. 23


Lost River

June '49

St. Olaf's Day

Feb. 6


The Drub-Devil March

Dec. '49

Bolshaya, Room Three

March 20




Detour to Persepolis

May 8


Pictorial Review


Passage to Cathay

June 26







Corsair's Raid

July '32

Two Swords of Genghis Khan

Feb. 5


Flower Girl

July '33






Over the Hill to Cathay

Dec. 7


The Big Magazine







Stolen Countess

April 16


Red Hands

March '35


March 28







Sat R Lit











May 4 '40

The Phantom Caravan

Jan. '44









Women's H C










Anna Maria-Mary Ann

April '40







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